Care leavers

Care leavers can secure special consideration for a place on their chosen undergraduate degree course at the University of Greenwich.

We acknowledge the educational challenges that many care leavers have experienced, so enabling them to enter the University of Greenwich on reduced entry points is our way of ensuring that care leavers are able to benefit from higher education and fulfil their potential. This is called contextual admissions.

From the September 2022 entry we offer contextual admissions to care leavers of a reduction of 16 UCAS points, equivalent to 2 A Level grades, lower than the advertised entry tariff for all undergraduate programmes (including partner college franchise).

What does this mean?

If you can evidence that you are a care leaver, through a letter of confirmation from your local authority, and your predicted grades are within 16 UCAS points (2 A level grades) of our minimum entry criteria, and you have achieved the required GCSE qualifications you may be made a reduced offer.

  • Any pre-requisite conditions would still need to be met as per our published entry requirements.
  • You would still need to successfully complete any additional selection requirements such as an interview.

How do I qualify?

  1. You must be under the age of 25 at the start of your undergraduate degree, have spent 13 weeks or more in care over the duration of your 16th birthday and are being supported by your local authority.
  2. You must have Home/UK fee status.

How do I apply?

  1. It is essential to indicate that you have spent time in care when you complete your UCAS or Direct Entry Application form.  This will help us to identify and contact you to support you with our contextualised admissions service and your journey into Higher Education.
  2. Email us and attach a letter from your local authority as evidence of your care leaver status to:


What happens if I have already been given a conditional offer?

If you contact us on the above address and attach the evidence requested, we may be able to make you a renewed offer at a lower tariff.

What happens if my application has already been rejected?

Use the e-mail address above to inform us that your application has been rejected and we will review your application.

Please note:

Contextual offers can only be applied to home/UK fee status students for all undergraduate programmes (including partner college franchise).

We cannot offer grade adjustments for foundation level studies, part time studies, those who enter through clearing or deferred applicants.